Monday, June 1, 2009

Thanks for the award

It is always nice to receive something special from your friends, and I was really surprised when I saw that I had rec'd this from 3 of mine. Thanks to Brenda, Kathe, and Sharron for thinking of me and leaving me some love. I really appreciate each and everyone of you!
To get this award I am suppose to thank those I rec'd it from and then list "10 honest things about me"

1. I am blessed to know and have a relationship with our Lord and Saviour "Jesus"
2. My family means the world to me, there is no limits to the distance that I would go for them.
3. There is nothing more special to me than my Grandchildren, all 5 of them.
Spending time with them is one of life's great rewards.
4. Integrity is very important to me.
5. I am very honest and to the point.
6. I love the outdoors, camping and riding off road toys !
7. I love my dog Nanna, she is just like one of the family.
8. I am grateful for all the online friends I have made.
9. I love to make cards, craft and scrapbook
10. I will be glad when I can retire ! :)

Now for who I will give this award to....

Dixie @ LDLimited
Lori @ ItsLorraine
Lisa @ HappyHappyEverything
Jen @ JustJennDesignz

Thanks again for stopping by and now you know a little more about me.


BlueRose said...

Congrats on your award you so deserve it.

Luv ya

Brenda said...

I have something for you!!!