Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birthday Goodies for Lori !

It is always so much fun to make something special for a dear friend. This is what I made for Lori. The little blocks are 1 1/2", and I painted them, and then used the inchie idea for the little graphics. Each box that has writing is a friend quote. The flowers are fringed cut with the wishblade. The back lettering has her name on the blocks. Lori love butterfiles so naturally her card had to have them. This is a cutting file that was shared on UKScrappers. Thanks for looking !


Sharron said...

Amazing job on all of it, Sis! You rocked that card! Love the butterflies!

BlueRose said...

I want a wishblade you and Myrna are killing me GF.....Bwahahahah

I love the blockes gosh what a great idea. Going to have to remember that. I was thinkging about Mother's Day for my mom.

Luv's Blue

Hugz~Dixie said...

Love your blocks. I might try a Christmas one for next month...if I don't get side tracked.LOL

Molly Smith said...

That card is unreal ... love it!!! And the friendship blocks are awesome!

** Irene ** said...

Wow, your blocks are amazing.
Thank you for taking the time to browse my blog and leave a lovely comment. I really appreciate it.


Enfys said...

What a fantastic project, I spent AGES looking at it. Lori will love it I am sure - I know I would :)

Lori Mondell said...

And wonderful goodies they are your new look Charlene!

Brenda said...

WOW!!!LOVE your Blog! AWESOME projects!Thank you for posting a link to my blog! I really have sooo much to learn!