Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Diva Spa Kit for Secret Pal @ work

I had lots of fun making this little kit. Behind the history of the Dead Sea Salts are some note cards and a receipe to make your own bath salts. The little envie has a tea bag in it and I am also going to put some chocolates in there for her also. I used Sandy Osborns Diva Totable Spa Kit you can find it a Amiee Asher and I also used Amiee Ashers Playful flowers kit


BlueRose said...

Spa kit sounds really nice I just know that your secret pat will love it....

Dead Sea Beauty Products said...

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Molly Smith said...

This is gorgeous, Charlene! You are going to make someone smile big! So pretty, each piece is so neat. I love sets of things, you know :) Awesome, as we used to say!


Sharron said...

What a beautiful set, Sis! Anyone would be tickled pink to get such a wonderful gift! You did such a great job on it!
Luv ya!